Advance Your Neurobiology Cell Culture

Life Technologies brings you the broadest technology platform for neuroscience research: neural primary and stem cells, media, supplements, and growth factors.
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Replace Your Cumbersome BrdU With Click-iT® Technology—a Better Alternative.

  • Easy to use—no expertise needed
  • Fast—reduce the amount of time required
  • Save money, time, and labor—fewer experiments required

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Countess™ Cell Counter

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Primary and Secondary Antibodies

Find the right antibody for your research with Life Technologies new, improved online search tools!

Conveniently search for primary and secondary antibodies, and quickly filter results by application, reactivity, or antibody host.

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Ready-to-Use ELISA™ Kits

The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is a simple and unbiased way to measure neuro-related proteins such as β-amyloid or tau from cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), brain homogenate, or tissue culture supernatant samples.
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Neon™ Transfection System

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Solutions for Your Neural Primary and Stem Cell Research

Gibco® products by Life Technologies offer a diverse selection of highly pure, ready-to-use primary and stem cells for neural research that have high viability and superior performance.
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The Best and Brightest

Alexa Fluor® dyes—the leading and most trusted fluorescent dyes available today.
  • Brighter conjugate fluorescence
  • Superior photostability
  • Ideal spectral match for all of the popular filters
  • Peer-reviewed references
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The new Molecular Probes® Handbook is here!

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