Experience the magic, monitor electrophoresis and blotting simultaneously.


Why use multiple lanes to run separate standards for electrophoresis and western blotting? Combine MagicMark™ XP standard and SeeBlue® Plus2 standard (LC5925) in one lane. The bright blue SeeBlue® Plus2 bands confirm gel run and transfer. Following immunodetection, the sharp bands of the MagicMark™ XP standard develop directly on the western blot.

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Find the right immunoassay with Ease


We offer a wide range of Novex® immunoassays in ELISA kit, Luminex® assay, and antibody pair formats to allow specific, quantitative measurements of disease-related proteins including cytokines, chemokines, beta amyloids, and signaling targets.

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No more leaking gels with Novex® Cassettes!


If you are pouring your own SDS PAGE gels, and face problems with leaking gels, Novex® cassettes offer a convenient way to cast polyacrylamide gels quickly and easily.

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The 7min protein transfer system


The iBlot® dry blotting system makes western blot analysis faster than ever. No more cumbersome blot assembly, and protein transfers are finished so fast, you can start running gels in the morning and have results by day’s end.

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Designed for performance.
No more smiling gels.


The Novex® NuPAGE® SDS-PAGE Gel System simulates the denaturing conditions of the traditional Laemmli system (Tris-glycine SDS-PAGE gels) without using SDS detergent. Using a unique buffer formulation that maintains a low operating pH during electrophoresis, this eliminates the “smiles” and poor resolution seen with Tris-glycine SDS-PAGE gels.

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Which Protein Gel Stain is Right for You?


The complete solution for visualization and detection of proteins in-gel and on-membranes. A variety of protein gel stains (e.g., Coomassie Blue, Silver Stain, Fluorescent) is available to meet your protein visualization needs, from a quick visual confirmation to a need for the lowest level of detection possible.

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Qualifying Novex® Protein Analysis Workflow products categories

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Elisa ProductsLPP Accessories
Extracellular ElisasPrimary Antibodies
Intracellular ElisasProtein - Accessories
Protein - BuffersProtein - Instrumentation
Protein - QuantificationProtein - Stains
Protein - StandardsSecondary Antibodies
Western Blot ConsumablesWestern Blot Instrumentation

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