Molecular testing matters in precision oncology

At Thermo Fisher Scientific we have been partnering with laboratories all over the world for decades to bring molecular genetics techniques such as PCR, qPCR, and sequencing to routine use.

Now we are on a mission to do the same with NGS, to help support innovation and progression in precision medicine.

At this exciting time, we are not forgetting about you; the end users who are making decisions guided by the results of diagnostic biomarker tests1.

We want to partner with you, helping you to understand the technology behind the test results, its capabilities as well as limitations.

Please come and see us at ESMO, booth #203.

  • We will have a little NGS lab here at the booth to show you in few minutes how it works
  • You will hear about the Oncomine Dx Target Test1, the first FDA approved multiple biomarker test for selecting target therapies, to be launched in Europe, as well as currently available solutions for research2 and diagnostics1. The Oncomine Dx Target Test is intended for use on the Ion PGM Dx System1.
  • You will learn the few simple but important questions to ask your pathologist to make sure you get the best service for your patients.