Thermo Scientific FastDigest Restriction Enzymes—25% OFF

1 buffer. 176 restriction enzymes. 100% activity

  • 100% activity of all FastDigest™ enzymes in ONE universal reaction buffer
  • Complete digestion in 5 to 15 minutes
  • Green Buffer for direct loading on gels
  • 100% buffer compatibility with downstream applications

Discover all 176 FastDigest enzymes now

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Why should you choose FastDigest restriction enzymes instead of conventional restriction enzymes?

  • Choose simplicity
  Conventional restriction enzymes FastDigest restriction enzymes
Buffer system Up to 20 buffers One universal buffer
Buffer change between enzymatic steps Frequently necessary Not necessary
Double/multiple restriction digestion
Limited due to buffer incompatibility Unlimited all 176 enzymes are 100% active in one buffer
Reaction time for plasmid DNA, genomic DNA, PCR product 1 hour—overnight 5—15 minutes
Direct loading of reaction mixture on gels No Yes
Compatibility with downstream applications Partial  100% 
Star activity  Dependent on enzyme properties and reaction conditions No star activity due to short incubation time as per protocol 
Activity definition 1 unit of enzyme hydrolyzes 1 ug of lambda DNA in 60 minutes in an optimal buffer for an enzyme  1 ul of FastDigest enzyme cleaves 1 ug of substrate DNA in 5 or 15 minutes in FastDigest Buffer 
  • Save time
Conventional restriction enzymes
Sequential digestion
FastDigest restriction enzymes
One reaction mixture
Reaction setup for Apal
 ~2 minutes
Reaction set up with FastDigest ApaI and XhoI
~2 minutes
60 minutes
5 minutes
Reaction setup for Xhol
~2 minutes
60 minutes
>2 hours
 7 minutes
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