We look forward to seeing you at booth #243 at the Society for Neuroscience 2015 annual meeting for these exciting activities, events, and offerings:

Attend one of our educational in-booth presentations

Stop by the booth for a complete schedule—check out some of the topics our R&D scientists will cover:

  • Hands-free immunodetection for improved western blotting
  • Dopaminergic neuron differentiation
  • Visualizing excitability and neural function
  • Understanding gene expression changes in FFPE brain sections using LCM and AmpliSeq™ whole-transcriptome analysis
  • MessengerMAX™ Transfection Reagent optimized with B-27™ Supplement
  • Laser capture microdissection to qPCR result within a day with FFPE sample
  • Applying multiplex technology for the analysis of Alzheimer’s disease–related proteins
  • Essential 8™ stem cell medium in neural applications
  • Visualizing cellular stress and death
  • Neuronal tracing and synaptogenesis data in high-content screening
  • Ask a Scientist – bring your questions about experiments on a wide variety of topics to discuss with one of our scientists

Play the "stack the dolls" game

Get a free protein research milestones poster for playing.

Enter for a chance to win a Gibco Life of Cells minifigures cell culture lab**

This lab has all the right tools—including a biological safety cabinet, incubator, centrifuge, microscope, and of course, Gibco™ media—to help ensure the best results for our Life of Cells characters.

Get a stunning scarf!*

Be the envy of all your colleagues.

Complete any four booth activities (see the list below), then submit your completed activity card at the info counter in the booth to receive a stunning cell-image scarf.*

  • 1. Tools—pick up a copy of Life in the Lab or BioProbes™ Journal of Cell Biology Applications.
  • 2. High-content analysis—see how neuron populations are analyzed with HCA.
  • 3. Cell imaging—find out how you can get stunning images, time after time.
  • 4. Fluorescent probes—learn about reagents to light up your neurons.
  • 5. Flow cytometry—learn how freakishly fast flow cytometry can move your research forward.
  • 6. Laser capture microdissection—learn how to isolate and characterize single cells from a heterogeneous cell population.
  • 7. Nucleic acid quantitation—see why it’s easier than ever to quantitate your samples when you need specific measurements.
  • 8. Protein prep and western blotting—discover unique products for protein clean-up, 10-minute Coomassie gel staining, and 2.5-hour, hands-free western blot detection.
  • 9. Antibodies, ELISA, and multiplex assays—learn how to expand your research capabilities with Thermo Scientific™ Superclonal™ Secondary Antibodies.
  • 10. Transfection tools—ask us how to get up to 5X the transfection efficiency in neurons with Invitrogen™ Lipofectamine™ MessengerMAX™ Transfection Reagent (you’ll also receive a treat).
  • 11. Cell culture and counting—get the new character in our Gibco™ Life of Cells minifigure family, “Neuro” ($5 USD estimated value) and see how automated cell counting can change your life.
  • 12. Science hero selfie—take a fun photo and learn about the Invitrogen™ Science Hero Awards.