A 20-year passion for reproducibility

Your research is important, and that's why you trust Lipofectamine® transfection reagents for reliable, reproducible results. Our 20-year passion for this technology helps ensure you have the high-quality products you need.

  • Versatile reagents for a wide range of applications and cell types
  • Simple, scalable protocols optimized for efficiency, viability and reproducibility
  • Convenient stocking in your local Supply Center

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Lipofectamine® 3000 - Unleash Your Cells

Introducing the versatile reagent with the power to transfect your most difficult cells
Lipofectamine® 3000 leverages our most advanced lipid nanoparticle technology to ensure the best transfection performance, with improved application outcomes and reproducible results.  It delivers unparalleled transfection efficiency into the widest range of difficult-to-transfect and common cell types with improved cell viability.

Unleash the biologically relevant cell types you truly care about, with a reagent kit that offers:

  • Superior Performance – highest efficiency into the broadest spectrum of difficult-to-transfect and common cell types
  • Improved cell viability – gentle on your cells with low-toxicity
  • Versatile - single reagent kit with simple protocol for DNA, RNA and co–transfection
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Lipofectamine® 2000 Transfection Reagent

Lipofectamine® LTX & Plus™ Reagent

Lipofectamine® RNAiMAX Reagent

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