Sampling Tools for Direct PCR

Direct PCR master mix for animal-friendly genotyping

PCR-based animal genotyping usually involves time-consuming DNA extraction steps from relatively large biopsies (several millimeters) of ear, tail, or toe tissues prior amplification. Obtaining tissue samples of that size causes pain and distress to the animal, often requires anesthesia, and is strictly regulated.

Thermo Scientific Phire Tissue Direct PCR Master Mix allows gene amplification from animal (including human) tissue samples without prior DNA purification. A sample is added directly to the master mix without any DNA extraction step, allowing significant savings in both time and cost. This master mix allows robust PCR even in the presence of tissue-derived inhibitors, enables the use of short cycling times, and provides quick time-to-results.

Due to its extraordinary sensitivity, Phire Tissue Direct PCR Master Mix requires only minimal sample amounts for DNA amplification, which in turn minimizes the pain for the animal during the sample collection procedures. For tissue samples, a punch of 0.3–0.5 mm in diameter is sufficient for efficient PCR. In addition, the master mix supports PCR from animal hair—as little as a single hair follicle is enough for robust DNA amplification.

Phire Tissue Direct PCR Master Mix supports animal-friendly, simple, and fast genotyping approaches. Why don’t you genotype them gently starting today?