Biomarker quantitation: assays made simple

Let us help you navigate the different tools available for protein and RNA quantitation. We’ve assembled valuable technical and product information available to you for oncology, inflammation research, immunology, metabolism, apoptosis, cell signaling, neurology, and more in one easy-to-read reference brochure.

Rely on our over 30 years of experience manufacturing and supplying antibody and DNA-based, target-specific quantitation reagents, kits, and panels for life science research. Our portfolio of products includes matched antibody pairs, uncoated- and coated-plate ELISA kits, and multiplexing assays for proteins and RNA biomarkers utilizing the Invitrogen Luminex platform. All are verified for reliability and specificity. Select from hundreds of ready-to-ship kits or configure and order a custom assay panel that we will test and verify for you.

See how antibody pairs, ELISA and ProQuantum kits, and multiplex kits for the Invitrogen™ Luminex™ platform can help you advance your research. If you don’t see what you need, don’t worry—we also offer extensive custom product development services.

Learn more about our technology and complete product offering.

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