The Flow Cytometry Reagent Selection Tool Kit contains three tools to assist researchers with designing their flow cytometry panels.
Flow cytometry reagent selection tool kit
  1. Flow Cytometry Capabilities Guide—learn about our comprehensive suite of flow cytometry solutions to deliver you high-performance results and save you time.
  1. The Invitrogen Flow Cytometry Reagent Selection Wheel will help quickly identify which product matches the laser excitation and emission channel of your panel products highlighted:
  • Viability stains (fixable and non-fixable)
  • Apoptosis reagents (Annexin V conjugates and kits)
  • Cell proliferation assays (generational tracing and DNA replication)
  • Cell cycle analysis (fixed- and live-cell analysis)
  1. The Invitrogen Flow Cytometry Reagent Slider will help identify which instrument controls and standards to use in order to help ensure accuracy in your data.
  • Obtain optimal daily instrument performance
  • Maximize your data consistency
  • Decrease instrument variation
  • Use with any instrument
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