MycoSEQ validation and verification report

Thermo Fisher Scientific scientists conducted a validation and verification study for the Applied Biosystems™ MycoSEQ™ Mycoplasma Detection Assay after an internal investigation into the lower limits of detection for Mycoplasma salivarium. The investigation showed that M. salivarium is detected, but the lowest limit of detection was higher than for other species evaluated. It was concluded that an improvement in assay sensitivity for M. salivarium was the most appropriate corrective action.

Based on this conclusion:

  • several new M. salivarium−specific primers and primer sets were designed and tested in combination with the current Applied Biosystems™ MycoSEQ™ 10X Primer Mix;
  • the resulting solution was to add a single new primer to the MycoSEQ 10X Primer Mix, improving the sensitivity for M.salivarium to the level of 1−2 genome copies/qPCR reaction;
  • adding the new primer showed no other impact on the sensitivity and specificity of the assay.

To view the study design and results, please fill out form to download the complete MycoSeq validation and verification report.

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