With its unparalleled scalability and throughput, next-generation sequencing (NGS) has opened up new avenues of genomic research. Download the Next-Generation Sequencing Handbook to learn about:

  • Basic principles of NGS technology
  • Applications of NGS
  • Next-generation sequencing workflow
  • Important tips and references to help you sequence and analyze your data successfully

1. Which technique are you using for your genetic analysis research? (Check all that apply.) 

 Next Gen Sequencing
 Real-time PCR
 Sequencing by Capillary Eletrophoresis

2. Please indicate your disease area (Check all that apply.)*

 Immunology Research
 Infectious Disease Research
 Inherited Disease Research
 Neurology Research
 Oncology Research
 Reproductive Genomics Research

3. Which sequencing application are you interested in? (Check all that apply.)*

 Targeted DNA Sequencing
 Targeted RNA Sequencing
 Transcriptome Sequencing
 Microbial Sequencing
 Exome Sequencing

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