AmpFℓSTR® MiniFiler™ PCR Amplification Kit

Now Available: Proven miniSTR technology in an easy-to-use kit.

As the world's first commercially available miniSTR kit, the AmpFℓSTR® MiniFiler™ PCR Amplification Kit increases your ability to obtain DNA results from compromised samples that previously would have yielded limited or no genetic data. This means cold cases can come off the shelf for re-analysis and new, challenging samples have a better chance of delivering interpretable results.

Features of the AmpFℓSTR® MiniFiler™ PCR Amplification Kit

  • A single amplification provides information on the eight largest and most difficult to amplify loci in the AmpFℓSTR®  Identifiler® and SGM Plus®.
  • With amplicon sizes less than 270 bp, MiniFiler™ is optimized for use with the most difficult types of samples including those that are degraded and contain inhibitors.
  • Ability to overcome the inhibitory effects of substances such as heme and humic acid which are commonly encountered in forensic samples.
  • Can be used as an adjunct to other commercially available amplification kits to recover the larger loci, which cannot be amplified or that drop out.
  • Utilizes proven 5-dye technology allowing compatibility of workflows with Identifiler®.