Process analytical technology (PAT) is becoming increasingly important in the development of biosimilars and novel biological compounds. This CaptureSelect™ product portfolio can be used for quantitation, detection and further characterization of antibodies, antibody fragments and non-mAb therapeutics, including fusion proteins (both Fc and albumin). When the CaptureSelect™ ligands are conjugated to biotin, they are uniquely suited for use in label free systems, like Octet, Biacore and IBIS, as well as ELISAs, while in the POROS® CaptureSelect™ prepacked column format they can be used for rapid, 3 minute titer determination.

HPLC analytical columns

POROS® CaptureSelect™/POROS® column offers

  • Protein quantitation from complex sample matrixes
    • Precise and sensitive measurement of protein titer in cell culture, fermentation harvests and downstream intermediates
  • Rapid assays
    • POROS® 20 µm HPLC columns allow for quantitation in under 3 minutes
  • Flexibility
    • POROS® Protein A, G resins and CaptureSelect® ligands allows assay development for most classes of biologic drugs
  • Automation
    • HPLC systems provide for automation of chromatography methods, data collection, data analysis and reporting
  • Sample preparation for subsequent analysis
    • Post quantitation, eluted product is highly purified and suitable for further analysis including mass spectrometry
  • Long column life
    • POROS® Affinity Chromatography columns can be cycled hundreds of times for cost-effective and reproducible quantitation or purification

More specific information on these can be found on our CaptureSelect™ HPLC page

Conjugated Ligands

A selection of CaptureSelect™ affinity ligands chemically coupled to a functional moiety to be used for a variety of analytical applications such as ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay), WB (Western blot), SPR (Surface Plasmon Resonance), BLI (Bio-Layer Interferometry), IP (Immunoprecipitation), IHC (Immunohistochemistry), PLA (proximity ligation assay), etc…

Please view this application note from ForteBio on the use of conjugated ligands in BLI

More specific information on these can be found on our CaptureSelect™ Ligand Conjugates page