We offer a multitude of Gibco® protein expression products that help deliver high protein yields for bioprocessing applications.  From CHO basal media and nutritional supplements to Advanced Granulation Technology™ dry media formats and custom formulations, Gibco® has a solution to optimize your process development workflow.

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New products and services from Gibco® Bioprocessing.

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FunctionMAX™ TiterEnhancer™ Additive
CD BHK-21 Production Medium

AGT™ medium

A technologically-advanced, scalable dry media format that enables high consistency and productivity across all stages of production from development to commercial manufacturing.

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What is it?
The magic behind the technology
AGT™ product family
AGT™ downloads


CHO Media

Maximize CHO productivity for your processes from development to scale-up. Select the best CHO Media for you.

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CD FortiCHO™
CD 293



From porcine, horse, lamb, goat and newborn calf – we offer the lowest-risk specialty sera 100% sourced from New Zealand.

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Fetal Bovine Serum
Specialty Serum Products
Gibco® iMATCH™ Tool
Other Animal Serum


We have depth of experience in custom buffer formulation, expert packaging and advanced logistics support to meet your processing requirements.

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FunctionMAX™ TiterEnhancer™ Additive
CD EfficientFeed™ C
CHO CD EfficientFeed™ B
CHO CD EfficientFeed™ A
Animal Origin Free Insulin
Simple Salts
Water for Injection (WFI)

Custom Media Formulation

Your cell culture project is unique. We are committed to providing the industry’s best customized products and services to meet your demanding research and production needs.

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Gibco® Custom Media Configurator
Gibco® Media Express
Your own formulation for large scale applications
Media Development & Optimization
Gibco® Project Solutions

Bioproduction Resources

Have questions about Gibco® media, POROS® chromatography resins, Applied Biosystems® SEQ rapid contaminant tests, or our Cell Therapy products?  Click below to access product brochures, training videos, mobile apps, and more.


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