Build Immunoassay
  • Quality—reliable antibodies, pre-matched Antibody Pairs, and proven detection reagents.
  • Flexible—multiple detection technologies (fluorescence, absorbance, or chemiluminescence) help you choose your platform.
  • Cost savings—10 fold over traditional ELISA kits.

Find antibody pairs using our Immunoassay Selection Guide

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Build Your Own Immunoassay


Matched Antibody Pairs
A customizable alternative to our complete ELISA and phosphoELISA™ Kits 


Detection Reagents
Find the right reagent for your platform—from TMB chromogen to Amplex® UltraRed.


ELISA-Grade Antibodies
Expansive menu of antibodies validated for use in ELISA.


Buffers and Accessories
Complete your immunoassay with optimized buffer systems, peptides, and other reagents.