Magnetic Luminex Assays

Novex® magnetic Luminex® assays enable reliable results and save time, allowing you to think about science instead of assays.

  • Accurate—sensitive multiplexed quantitation of proteins
  • Reproducible—lot-to-lot consistency
  • High quality—in-house manufactured antibodies help ensure excellent specificity and sensitivity
  • Short assay time—perform and analyze your data, in less than one day
  • Simple—easy-to-use protocols

Enables Consistent Results

Magnetic Luminex® Assays
Novex® magnetic Luminex® assays represent a new line of Luminex® cytokine assays. This line was carefully designed and tested to help assure that sensitivity, range, and correlation are maximized, using the same components as our polystyrene bead Luminex® assays. This means that the assays perform with identical quality and consistency (Figure 2). Standard curves generated with the magnetic Luminex® assay system extend over several orders of magnitude of concentrations, while the sensitivity and quantitation of the assays are comparable to those of ELISAs and our polystyrene bead Luminex® assays. Assay standards are calibrated to NIBSC reference preparations, when available, to enable accurate and reliable results.

Luminex Assays Magnetic Beads
Figure 1. Schematic representation of polystyrene and magnetic beads. The encapsulated magnetite layers around the polystyrene core accounts for the larger size of the magnetic bead.

Figure 2. Consistent quantitation of GM-CSF, IFN-γ, IL-1β, IL-2, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, and TNF-α on both polystyrene (poly) and magnetic (mag) bead assays. Natural samples were tested neat, 2-fold diluted, or 5-fold diluted in assay buffer. Samples were not available for the IL-5 and IL-4 assays.
For Research Use Only.  Not intended for human or animal therapeutic or diagnostic use.