FlexMAP 3D System

The FlexMAP® 3D™ system combines differentially dyed fluorescent microsphere sets with an innovative instrument design to take bead-based multiplexing technology to the next dimension: 

  • 384-well plate compatibility
  • Automation/LIS compatibility
  • Simple maintenance

Compared to the Luminex® 200™ system, the FlexMAP® 3D™ system offers:

Increased Multiplexing
500 bead regions for more flexibility in assay development
Faster Read Times
Dual sample fluidics paths and increased syringe injection speed significantly reduce assay run time
Simplified Operations
Automated probe adjustment, straightforward routine maintenance operations, and intuitive xPONENT® software

The FlexMAP® 3D™ System includes:

  • FlexMAP® 3D™ Analyzer
  • xPONENT® v4.0 Software
  • Dell PC, 17” LCD flat screen monitor, keyboard, and mouse
  • Calibration Kit
  • Verification Kit
  • Automated Maintenance Plate
  • Sheath Fluid
  • One year Gold Warranty
  • Installation
  • Full on-site Training