MAGPIX® System—Increase Your Plexibility

Need to make the move to multiplexing? Need higher sensitivity in your assays?
Introducing the MAGPIX® system –the affordable, compact, fluorescent detection system based on Luminex’s proven xMAP® technology. With the MAGPIX® system, now researchers can reap the benefits of quantitative protein analysis in a personal, benchtop instrument with out of the box set-up and step by step guide to interactive software.

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Transition to Multiplexing at Your Own Pace

The MAGPIX® multiplexing system offers benefits over traditional singleplex quantitation methods including:

  • Higher throughput—up to 4,800 results in one hour
  • Increased flexibility—single to multiplexing capability
  • Reduced sample volume—20 μl per sample
  • Low cost—as compared to Luminex® 200™ and FLEXMAP 3D® systems

Bundled with the most up to date xPONENT® analysis software and used with Life Technologies™ broad menu of magnetic multiplex assays, this all-in-one system is ideal for researchers who want to move up to multiplexing experiments or simply complement their singleplex (ELISA and Western Blot) results with an affordable multiplexing solution.

MAGPIX® System Components

The MAGPIX® System includes:

  • MAGPIX® Instrument
  • xPONENT® 4.1 Software
  • Dell PC, 17” LCD flat screen monitor, keyboard, and mouse
  • All-in-One Monitor Stand
  • Drive Fluid 2-pack
  • MAGPIX® Calibration Kit
  • MAGPIX® Performance Verification Kit
  • One year Maintenance and Support Program
  • Waste Bottle
  • Sample Probe
  • Power Cord
  • USB Cable
  • Side Access Door Tool
  • Sample Probe Height Adjustment Kit
  • Off-plate Reagent Block
  • Technical Support as needed
  • On-site training available