xPONENT® Software Solutions

Providing instrument control and data analysis in one package:

  • Intuitive graphical user interface for simplified workflow
  • Automated startup, shutdown, and routine maintenance operations
  • Enhanced data analysis and report generation capabilities
  • 21 CFR Part 11 ready
  • Automation and LIS connectivity

xPONENT® software solutions offers:

Modular and Flexible
Designed for ease-of-use, xPONENT® software allows the novice or occasional user and advanced user alike, to set up and run an assay in a minimal amount of time.
User Customization
The default graphical user interface follows the typical assay workflow, but can be customized to meet the needs of each specific laboratory.
Powerful Data Analysis
Industry standard curve fitting models for quantitative analysis, allelic ratios for genotyping, and qualitative algorithms for immunology assays in addition to data visualization tools.

Software configurations xPONENT® software is available with three levels of accessibility:

    Basic—The basic xPONENT® software package allows the user to acquire samples, perform analysis, and run system maintenance routines and remote web monitoring. This package includes the ability to calculate allelic ratios for analyzing and/or normalizing genotyping data.

    Secure—The secure xPONENT® package includes all the basic functionality, plus allows an administrator to set up user access levels.

    21 CFR Part 11—For laboratories working under the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 regulations, xPONENT® offers multilevel user management, full audit trail, electronic records, and electronic signatures.

Additional Licensable Modules

In addition to the access levels listed above, there are two additional licensable modules that add specific functions:

  • Automation Connectivity
    The automation module along with a device driver enables communication between the reader and a front end automation platform. Luminex® device drivers are offered by many automation providers. 

  • LIS Connectivity
    This module allows communication with an external Laboratory Information System (LIS) database by allowing the export of patient result data and the import of patient sample information in ASTM format.  Connection to your LIS system may require the use of middleware.
Invitrogen Multiplex Assay xPONENT® Templates

The following table contains downloadable Invitrogen Multiplex kit-specific protocol and kit templates for the xPONENT® software.

Invitrogen Multiplex Kit Cat. no. Lot no. Protocol Template Kit Template
Cytokine Human 30-Plex Panel  LHC6003 497124 Download Download
Cytokine Human 30-Plex Panel  LHC6003 443690 Download Download
Cytokine Human 25-Plex Panel  LHC0009 483193 Download Download
Cytokine Human 10-Plex Panel  LHC0001 1376510 Download Download
Cytokine Human 10-Plex Panel  LHC0001 412013 Download Download
Cytokine Ultrasensitive Human 10-Plex Panel  LHC6004 451941 Download Download
Chemokine Human 10-Plex Panel  LHC6001 397484 Download Download
Cytokine Mouse 20-Plex Panel  LMC0006   Download Coming soon
Cytokine Mouse 10-Plex Panel  LMC0001 372340 Download Download
Cytokine Rat 10-Plex Panel  LRC0002 A11660 Download Download

How to download these templates

  1. Find the kit you have and download the protocol template (.lxt file) and kit lot template (.lxk file).
  2. Save these files in a folder for easy access by your xPONENT® software.
  3. Import these files to your xPONENT® software, when setting up the batch for your assay.
  4. Save these imported files under a new name and setup the batch corresponding to your assay.