Gibco Cell Culture Media

Time-tested and trusted, our Gibco cell culture media line includes products designed to support the growth and maintenance of a variety of mammalian cells and cell lines. We’ve developed ready-to-use media products as well as powdered and concentrated liquid formulations to fit your experimental setup and your budget.

Classic Gibco media products

We are dedicated to providing quality Gibco products that meet all of your media needs.


Well supported for the growth of a spectrum of mammalian cell lines.

RPMI 1640

Enriched media with extensive applications for mammalian cells.


Patterned after Eagle's Media, well suited for mammalian cells.


Highly enriched synthetic media, well suited for rapidly proliferating, high-density cell cultures.

Opti-MEM medium

Ideal for use during cationic lipid transfections.


Formulated for superior quality; offers reliability, consistency and improved control in mammalian cell culture.

Upgrade your cell culture

GlutaMAX media Advanced media Recovery freezing medium
  • Pre-supplemented with stable form of L-glutamine to prevent ammonia buildup
  • High viability for long-term cultures

GlutaMAX media

  • Reduced-serum media to lower cost of serum by 50–90%
  • Greater consistency with fewer lot-to-lot serum changes

Advanced media

  • Improved cell recovery and viability after thawing from cryostorage
  • Ready-to-use; no need to combine multiple products to freeze cells

Recovery medium

Additional cell culture media products


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Media Formulation Tool
Find the right Gibco media formulation for DMEM, DMEM/F-12, MEM, and RPMI-1640 media.

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