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Our laboratory-grade refrigerators offer key differences from domestic, retail, or catering storage units, including microprocessor-controlled setpoints, alarms, time- and temperature-sensitive auto-defrost systems, temperature monitoring and recording, and electrical output signals. The Thermo Scientific™ refrigerators portfolio includes blood bank, chromatography, explosion-proof, flammable material, pharmacy, and laboratory refrigerators.

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Our blood bank refrigerators are designed to meet strict AABB, Red Cross, and FDA requirements for storing whole blood and blood components for a variety of applications. They feature positive airflow systems, microprocessor control systems, and industrial-quality cabinet construction.

Used in a variety of life sciences, clinical, and industrial applications, our laboratory refrigerators offer secure cold storage solutions for critical samples and materials. Available in under-counter, pass-through, or other varied models, our laboratory refrigerators are ideal for daily laboratory needs.

Thermo Scientific™ chromatography refrigerators are designed for close temperature monitoring with full access to the instrumentation apparatus within the refrigerator chamber. They offer microprocessor temperature controls and alarms for verifying sensor continuity.

Our flammable material and explosion-proof refrigerators are engineered to safely store flammable and volatile materials and to prevent triggering an explosion inside or outside the unit. They are designed to meet stringent US Pharmacopeia standards for drug storage as well as NFPA and OSHA standards for safety.  

Ideal for storing and protecting temperature-sensitive vaccines, our pharmacy refrigerators are designed for stable temperature control over a range of 1°C to 8°C. Some features include microprocessor controls, positive airflow systems, industrial-quality cabinet construction, and extra-strength refrigeration compressors.

The right vaccine storage unit protects the safety and effectiveness of your vaccines, so don't compromise when it comes to protecting your supply. Our high-performance refrigerators and freezers are designed with a time- and termperature-sensitive defrost to keep vaccines in their required temperature range.

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