Turn your reagents into rewards

Get rewarded for the reagents you use. Reagent Rewards™ loyalty program includes PCR reagents, cloning reagents and many more.

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PCR Savings


Two ideal matches–AmpliTaq Gold® 360 Master Mix and PCR Plastics or AccuPrime™ Pfx Supermix and PCR Plastics 

Enjoy the convenience of master mix and unmatched sensitivity, specificity and yield for your Endpoint PCR. Start today with 40% savings.
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Save BIG on a true hot-start Taq DNA polymerase

50% off Platinum Taq polymerase, specially designed for Hot-Start PCR.
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DNA essentials

DNA ladders and stains—two electrophoresis essentials for accurate and sensitive DNA detection. Save 40% when you purchase ladders, stains or both. Find your ladders and your stains along with promo codes.


Western detection simplified

Get comparable sensitivity to ECL and eliminate the films and developer. Start with a 25% saving off the E-Gel® Imager system and we will give you a FREE WesternDot® 625 secondary antibody.
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Now the power of TOPO® cloning goes even further—25% more reactions!

We're excited to announce that your favorite TOPO® cloning kits now come with 25% more vector and competent cells to supercharge your cloning at no extra charge. Look for the banners on our product pages to find the kits that offer you 25% more here