Proven performance is within the reach of every lab

Our NEW certified refurbished Veriti® thermal cycler program presents an excellent opportunity for you to get the quality PCR performance you deserve by experiencing the innovative Veriti® thermal cycler at an affordable price.

Why Should You Own a Certified Refurbished Veriti® Thermal Cycler?

  • Proven performance and reliability: Veriti® thermal cyclers deliver the reliability of Applied Biosystems® GeneAmp® instruments featuring VeriFlex™ Blocks, providing precise control over PCR optimization—and the powerful color-touch screen user interface simplifies setup and use

  • Factory-certified: each prospective Veriti® thermal cycler undergoes a rigorous, comprehensive certification process that covers everything from the engine and software, to exterior appearance

  • Warranty: Life Technologies has one of the most comprehensive service plans available for its Applied Biosystems® instruments, and our certified refurbished Veriti® thermal cyclers are no different—every certified refurbished Veriti® thermal cycler has coverage for up to 2 years with planned maintenance and onsite temperature verification

  • Unbelievable savings: put more money back into the lab with an unbelievable savings from the list price for a new Veriti® thermal cycler