Imject KLH-Peptide Conjugation Service

Our service combines keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH), the most immunogenic and widely-used carrier protein for the preparation of peptide antigens, with high-quality peptides at multiple scale and purity options. Peptides 6–25 amino acids in length are synthesized using the latest Fmoc solid-phase technology, purified by HPLC, conjugated at cysteine side chains or C-termini to Imject Mariculture KLH (mcKLH), and then dialyzed to remove salts and non-conjugated peptides.

  • Convenient—receive ready-to-use dialyzed and lyophilized KLH-peptide conjugates
  • Flexible—peptide length, scale and purity are customizable
  • High-yield conjugation—each Imject mcKLH molecule can be coupled via primary amines to hundreds of peptide haptens
  • Validated quality—purified and stabilized Imject mcKLH maintains solubility in aqueous solutions, unlike traditional sources of the carrier protein
  • Highly immunogenic—KLH has a high molecular mass (4.5 x 105 to 1.3 x 107 Daltons; aggregates of 350- and 390-kDa subunits) and elicits a stronger immune response than BSA or OVA
  • Sustainable source—Imject mcKLH is harvested from select populations of the mollusk Megathura crenulata (keyhole limpet) grown in mariculture instead of being extracted from wild populations

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Specifications of the Thermo Scientific Imject KLH-Peptide Conjugation Service

Peptide length 6 to 25 amino acids
Peptide manufacturing scale 1 to 25 mg
Peptide purity options >70%, >80%, >90% and >95% pure
Peptide quality control (QC) MALDI MS and analytical HPLC
Peptide conjugation site (reactive group)
  • Cysteine side chain (thiol group)
  • C-terminus (carboxyl group)
Conjugate delivery options ≥10 days, depending on scale and purity

Please inquire about longer peptide lengths
‡Greater amounts or different scales available upon request