ProtoArray services and it's associated products will be discontinued after December 31, 2018. Please contact us if there is a continued need for these products or services.

Protein-protein interaction profiling

ProtoArray Human Protein Microarrays enable researchers to map protein–protein interactions important in biochemical pathways. ProtoArray Human Protein Microarrays with Alexa Fluor detection technologies are optimized to quickly identify novel protein-protein interactions.

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Identify protein-protein interactions in as little as a day

ProtoArray Human Protein Microarrays are an excellent method to identify protein interactions. Using this method you can profile your purified protein against 9,000 functional proteins and identify possible binding partners. Since the identity of every feature on the array is known, you can immediately identify any target. The protocol is straightforward and is compatible with both native and modified proteins, with antibody and biotin-streptavidin detection protocols available.

The breadth of content offered by ProtoArray microarray makes it an ideal proteomics platform for discovery researchers who are attempting to uncover new connections that may be difficult to identify using other technologies. Researchers studying a variety of proteins have demonstrated validation of protein profiling results on the ProtoArray protein array with other in vivo and in vitro assays. See ProtoArray Literature Citations

The ProtoArray Protein-Protein Interaction Profiling application is available either as a custom service or as a product.

ProtoArray Protein-Protein Interaction Profiling Service
  • Pre-service consultation—receive a consultation session with our experienced service scientists to optimize your experimental design
  • Post-service comprehensive report—a complete report detailing the profiling experiment and results will be delivered to you in approximately 4 weeks
  • Technical support—our responsive support and dedicated staff will be available to you through the completion of your project

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