Western blots provide the ability to detect specific protein expression levels from cells or tissues in a convenient format for rapid evaluation that can also be quantitative and offer unparalleled sensitivity. With a variety of detection techniques (chemiluminescence, fluorescence, or colorimetric) to choose from, you can select a technology to match your experimental requirements and the instruments you have available. Whether for quick visualization or precise quantitation, single-probe or multiplexing, we offer a range of reagents and kits for western blot detection and subsequent analysis.


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Antibodies for Western Blotting

Choose from more than 50,000 antibodies in a wide range of research areas

Conjugates and Probes for Western Blotting

Overview of the types and features of detectable probes

Detection Technologies for Western Blotting

Choose between chromogenic, chemiluminescent, and fluorescent detection methods for western blotting

Specialty Western Blot Kits

Chemiluminescent detection kits for western blotting and in-gel detection including the Pierce™ Fast Western, Far-Western, and In-Gel Detection Kits.