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LifeScope™ Genomic Analysis Solutions Workflow

LifeScope™ Genomic Analysis Solutions includes a variety of software and hardware configurations to suit your research needs and help you achieve maximum productivity. Developed for seamless integration with 5500 Series SOLiD® Systems, LifeScope™ Genomic Analysis Software delivers performance-tuned algorithms for highly accurate analysis. Secure project management, pushbutton workflows, and an intuitive user interface make data analysis more straightforward than ever for life scientists and bioinformaticians. Optimized mapping and smaller file formats reduce time to results. New reports and data visualization tools simplify data interpretation.

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LifeScope™ Genomic Analysis Software

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LifeScope™ Genomic Analysis Software offers an intuitive user interface that simplifies data analysis for life scientists, and provides a robust command line option for bioinformaticians who want the flexibility of customizable configuration options.


LifeScope™ Workstation

LifeScope Workstation

LifeScope™ Workstation includes LifeScope™ Genomic Analysis Software preinstalled on a single server. This solution provides a turnkey “cluster in a box” bioinformatics solution for labs with limited IT resources.


LifeScope™ Cluster

LifeScope™ Cluster

LifeScope™ Cluster includes LifeScope™ Genomic Analysis Software preinstalled on a high-performance computing cluster. This solution provides a flexible and scalable solution to meet the expanding computational needs of your organization.



For Research Use Only. Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.