DMEM/F12   GIBCO® Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium: Nutrient Mixture F-12 (DMEM/F-12) Media is formulated for Superior Quality, delivers greater reliability, consistency and improved control in mammalian cell culture.

Cell Culture with Advanced Media

Growth comparisons of several cell lines grown in Advanced (Reduced Serum) Media (1–2% FBS) compared to classical media (5% FBS) show equivalent or superior cell growth and no change in morphology.

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Improve cell viability and growth with GlutaMAX™ Media and Supplement

While results may vary depending on the cell line, using GlutaMAX™-I Supplement in place of L-glutamine in cell culture can improve cell viability and growth, potentially increasing productivity levels. Increase media stability, minimize toxic ammonia build-up, and maximize cell performance. Get the most from your cell cultures with GlutaMAX™ media and Supplement .

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