The only experiment check-in app

Finally, be rewarded for your day-to-day lab work with Beakr, the new experiment check-in app from Life Technologies. Each time you complete an experiment in the lab, check into Beakr and keep track of your frequency and success rate, share with friends, and earn badges.

  • Check into everyday experiments
  • Track experiment success rate
  • Compete with friends
  • Earn badges

Available free for iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, and iPod Touch


Check Into Experiments

Think of all the common tasks you perform every day in the lab—western blots, antibody prep, PCR, cell imaging, stacking pipette tips—Beakr allows you to easily check into these day-to-day experiments and compare your results with your friends. From assays to lab clean-up, you'll find a huge list of common experiments to check into.

  • Choose from over 80 common experiments
  • Add an optional photo to each check-in
  • Add an optional comment to each check-in
  • Share to Facebook

Track Experiment Success Rate

Beakr also allows you to see how many hits, how many misses, and how many experiments were just "meh" after you select your success during a check-in. See how well you're doing over time and how your successes compare to your failures.

  • Track experiment success
  • Track experiment failure
  • Track experiments that you're unsure about
  • Conveniently visualized in bar graph format

Compete With Friends Worldwide

Game time. Keep track of all your check-ins and see where you rank at your location with Beakr's ability to find and follow the activity of users all over the world. Are you in 1st or 50th place in your lab? Set your default location and find friends either at your own institution or any other listed institution worldwide.

  • Choose your default location
  • Follow users at nearly 1,000 listed institutions worldwide
  • Compare your rank against others at your instutution

Earn Badges and Be a Wizard

What's the use in checking into experiments unless you get recognition? Earn built-in badges by checking into experiments multiple times a day, late at night, or on the weekend. Also, gain Beakr "Wizardship" awards by checking into a specific experiment the most.

  • Earn badges for checking in at specific times of day or with multiple people in the same lab
  • Become the Wizard of a specific experiment with the most check-ins
  • Start as a Lab Rat and level-up by passing  check-in milestones