Searching for a solution
to your Health Issues?


Have you felt below par for a long time without knowing why? Perhaps you’ve had multiple visits to your healthcare provider without finding a solution. This is not uncommon—but a simple explanation for your health issues may have been overlooked.

Do you regularly experience any of the following complaints?

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Diarrhea/ constipation
Mouth ulcers
Vitamin and/or mineral deficiency
Itchy skin rash
Unexpected weight loss

Could your diet be impacting your health?

A balanced diet containing a wide variety of foods is important for maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle.1 However, many foods contain gluten,2 a group of proteins that can often cause unpleasant health-effects not only in the gut, but throughout the body.3

Some people have lived with their symptoms for so long that they become accustomed to them, whilst others may be embarrassed by their problems. Don’t let this stop you asking for help; finding out what’s causing your symptoms may provide relief now and help you avoid more serious issues in the future.4

Dietary and/or gut problems can affect your health in many ways, with some symptoms being vague and difficult to recognize. Not all the possible health-effects are listed on this page.5

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