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Dr. Timothy Triche
Center for Personalized Medicine Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles, USA

A pediatric cancer research panel
In general, pediatric and young adults cancers are different from those of adult age. They are dominated by gene fusions and typically have very few point mutations, while adult cancers tend to have lots of point mutations and very few gene fusions. In this presentation Dr Triche describes the development and performance evaluation of a research panel which covers the full spectrum of childhood cancers, including leukemias, lymphomas, sarcomas, and brain tumors.



Dr. Rer. Medic. Claudia Vollbrecht
Institute of Pathology, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany

Multi institutional evaluation of a high sensitive NGS assay for liquid biopsy mutation detection in lung cancer
This presentation describes results of the study, which was conducted by the OncoNetwork Consortium, - Laboratories at 11 institutions in Europe, Canada, and Japan, who have tested the Oncomine Lung cfDNA assay and found that it can detect low-level mutations in circulating free DNA control samples with high sensitivity and specificity.




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