Sort of a tough task, no?  Every day, Life Technologies’ products help scientists make discoveries that help answer small questions, but sometimes giant ones.

A giant leap was recently published in the journal Circulation Research, and both the American Heart Association, and the British Heart Foundation have just recognized its significance The study describes how scientists identified five microRNA sequences in blood that undergo changes in expression prior to the onset of Type 2 diabetes.  One of these may allow clinicians to predict what patients with Type 2 diabetes are most likely to develop cardiovascular events.  Until this discovery, there was no way to determine which diabetes patients were at higher risk for developing cardiovascular disease, a major complication of Type 2 diabetes and contributor to death.  The study is early stage, but opens up the potential for diagnostic tests based on microRNAs that could better personalize treatment for patients.

Our TaqMan® MicroRNA Assays were essential to screening the blood of the patients used in this study and to validate changes in microRNA expression over time.  Kudos to the scientists in making this discovery that has the potential to change treatment protocols for victims of this growing epidemic.