Last week, Life Technologies launched our 2010 Online Annual Review. The series of videos contained within this review really gives you an opportunity to get to know Life Technologies and understand our passion for what we do and why we believe our mission is so important.

At Life Technologies it really is about solving the problems that you care about. It’s also a unique place to work. We’re a company that works hard to give back to the community and we’re proud of those efforts.  We also continually strive to be a more sustainable organization and promote diversity and inclusion within our ranks.

As the leader of Global HR, its important employees feel all the hard work and hours on the job are contributing to making life better for everyone. We believe that by exploring this dynamic version of our 2010 Annual Review, you’ll be able to see first hand what life at “Life” is all about.

Please click here to watch our 2010 Online Annual Review.