Life Technologies announces the release of its Applied Biosystems TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays with new reporter dye labels and in new sizes to meet the growing needs of life scientists.  In addition to the standard FAM™ dye label, researchers can now choose VIC®, dye-labels, enabling them to perform TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays in duplex.  Previously, the assays were available in either 250 or 360 reaction sizes, but now researchers can also order them in 75 (FAM™ dye-label only), 750 or 2,900 reaction sizes.  The new packaging offers the flexibility to validate targets and scale up to medium- or large-scale studies for screening a large number of samples.  In addition, assays in extra small-scale, provide a cost-effective way for researchers to perform experiments with a small number of samples.  Life Technologies offers over 1.2 million TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays covering 19 species, including some assays for pathogens. For more information, visit:

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