Starting tonight, Life Technologies is participating in Human Genomics – The Next 10 Years, a conference sponsored by Nature and the J. Craig Venter Institute that will focus on the promises of human genomics for the next ten years. 

The conference offers an opportunity for thought leading scientists to discuss their research in a range of areas of human genomics, including new applications for DNA sequencing, the future of sequencing technologies, and how gene sequences play into human evolution, and it will wrap up with a moderated panel featuring our CEO Greg Lucier, former Archbishop and Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu, Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology or Medicine Sydney Brenner and Lucy Shapiro where he will discuss the scientific, business and ethical prospects and challenges that society faces in the next ten years with respect to sequencing.

In addition to Greg Lucier’s panel presentation, our own Joe Beechem,  Head of Single Molecule Sequencing, will be discussing how we are pushing the envelope in our R&D labs to join semiconductor-based technology and single molecule DNA sequencing.

DNA sequencing is, well, an integral part of our DNA. We partnered with Craig Venter in 1998 to upend the current thinking on the timing of completing the first genome – significantly accelerating the completion with the introduction of the first high throughput capillary electrophoresis-based DNA sequencing system. That technology continues to be a gold standard in DNA sequencing, and we pioneered it.

We are proud of our past, yet we are focused on the future. Our SOLiD system leads the way in generating the most accurate sequence, and this will be essential as the medical community looks to use sequencing to make decisions about human health. The recently launched semiconductor-based Ion Torrent PGM system is breaking down barriers for laboratories that want to take advantage of the depth of information next generation sequencing delivers but have been unable to invest in it.