This week, California is center-stage in the DNA sequencing world. As we noted yesterday, the Human Genomics – The Next 10 Years conference is occurring in La Jolla, near San Diego, and up the road in San Francisco, the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference is starting today.

Life Technologies is capturing attention at both of these conferences. This morning, Jonathan Rothberg, Ion Torrent founder, is kicking off the Tri-Conference with a keynote plenary talk with Kenneth Kaitin, director at Tufts Center for Study of Drug Development and Kevin Davies, editor-in-chief of Bio-IT World and the author of The $1,000 Genome. Rothberg will be discussing how the latest advancement in the PGM – the launch of the 318 semiconductor chip will increase the throughput of the Ion Torrent PGM by 100 times over the original Ion 314 chip introduced just two months ago.

Later today, Life Technologies Chairman and CEO Greg Lucier will close the discussion at the La Jolla Human Genomics conference. He will discuss, among other topics, how DNA sequencing offers the promise to help drug developers better design potential therapies and how it also can be used to help select therapies for patients based on genomic variations. He will also detail how countries such as Germany and France are making significant investments in the study of human genomics as it relates to health, and that such investments are crucial to overcoming the regulatory hurdles that are now preventing the use of sequence data to make treatment decisions.

We’re excited to be in the thick of the conversation about genetic sequencing and its potential to improve the human condition.