Autophagy, a cell death process that has emerged in the study of disease areas such as cancer, neuro-degeneration and immunological disorders, is challenging to study due to a lack of accurate, sensitive and robust assays, particularly in neurons, stem cells and cancer cells.  Life Technologies is introducing the Premo™ LC3-FP kit, which provides researchers for the first time the ability to view this process in live cells. Based on LC3B, a critical component and indicator of autophagy, the new kit combines the selectivity of an LC3B-fluorescent protein (FP) fusion with the transduction efficiency of the 2nd generation BacMam technology, enabling unambiguous visualization with a simple, one-step protocol. The BacMam LC3B-FP reagent is added to the cells, including neurons and stem cells, incubation takes place overnight for protein expression, allowing researchers to easily image and analyze.

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