While sequencing platforms have their individual requirements for library construction, methods to construct such libraries are not necessarily the same. Our library construction kits are designed to enable streamlined workflows as well as conserve sample representation to produce the most reliable sequencing data.

Choose from convenient, fully optimized sets of kitted reagents, purification columns, and gels to help simplify your library construction workflow in your application on your platform. All components are quality-tested together to enable optimal results on your platform.

DNA Library Construction Kits
  • Straightforward selection of validated kits and size-selection tools, researchers can now create the ideal DNA library for their sequencing needs. All components are jointly quality-tested to assure optimal results.

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RNA Library Construction Kits

  • RNA library construction kits that not only preserve strand specificity, but are also designed to provide a streamlined and flexible approach for analyzing the whole transcriptome, small RNA, or targeted gene expression.

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