Maximize performance when you switch to TaqMan Gene Expression assays and array plates

  • Relevant content—TaqMan assays and arrays detect similar genes found on Bio-Rad™ panels, which use SYBR Green chemistry. Find a TaqMan assay or array using the selection tool at the bottom of this page.
  • Broad instrument compatibility—TaqMan assays and array plates for gene expression are compatible on Bio-Rad qPCR instruments. We tested TaqMan Assays on the BioRad CFX96 Touch™ and CFX384™ real-time PCR systems and they performed very well (see data).
  • Comprehensive—we’ve got you covered with over 2 million predesigned gene expression assays in nearly 30 different species.  We also have a collection of >500 quality-guaranteed* fixed or flexible panels targeting specific pathways, biomarkers, or disease states.
  • Unrivaled performance—TaqMan Assays are designed using an industry-leading, verified bioinformatics pipeline, to help ensure that each assay is optimally designed and performs consistently.
  • Affordable—TaqMan gene expression assays require no optimization and minimize the labor, expense, and bioinformatics expertise required to design qPCR assays.**

Use the selection tool at the bottom of this page to find TaqMan equivalents for Bio-Rad panels or use the button below to search all TaqMan Assays.  TaqMan array plates and cards are optimized to work with TaqMan master mixes.

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TaqMan array plates

Did you know that TaqMan array plates are compatible with Bio-Rad instruments?  It’s true.

Amplification curves from the TaqMan Array Human Endogenous Controls Plate

(A) Amplification curves from the TaqMan Array Human Endogenous Controls Plate, Fast 96-Well (Cat. No. 4426700), run on the Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch 0.1-mL-block instrument.

Ct concordance data from the TaqMan Array Human Endogenous Controls Plate

(B) Ct concordance data from the TaqMan Array Human Endogenous Controls Plate, Fast 96-Well, run on both the Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch instrument and the QuantStudio 7 Flex Real-Time PCR System, 96-Well Fast.

How to order TaqMan array plates based on the model and block of your Bio-Rad instrument

BioRad CFX Connect™/CFX96 Touch 0.1mL blocks are compatible with TaqMan array 96-well fast plates, which are orderable online in three compositions:

  • Custom—you decide which TaqMan Assays and how many to put on your array plate (minimum order quantity of six is required). Learn more ›
  • Fixed—ready-made, inventoried TaqMan array plates will ship to you the same or next day (minimum order quantity of 1). Panels target common pathways, diseases, and cellular processes. Browse fixed arrays ›
  • Flexible—we compiled a list of assays targeting common pathways, diseases, and cellular processes, but you can make modifications (minimum order quantity of six is required). Learn more ›

All other BioRad instruments/blocks are compatible with specialty TaqMan array plates, 96-well and 384-well. Contact our Specialty Plating team for more information. If you are still unsure of what product to use contact Technical Support.

Gold-standard TaqMan performance for the same price as assays/arrays using SYBR Green chemistry

Use the selector tool below to find TaqMan array plates that locate similar genes detected by PrimePCR™ assays and arrays. For assays or arrays not listed below, please contact Technical Support.

 View and download list of comparable products related to TaqMan assays and arrays ›

Selection guide for TaqMan array plates

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* A minimum quantity of six custom plates per order is required.
**For the full terms and conditions, go to thermofisher.com/taqmanguarantee

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