Neurons In Focus—Two-photon excitation imaging in live tissue
Nowhere is preserving native cellular context more important than in studies of the nervous system. This issue of BioProbes reviews data and observations from the literature about the dye choices compatible with two-photon excitation (TPE), describes what to consider in making those choices, and lists protocols to optimize their use.

New Technologies

RNA as you've never seen it before—detect nascent RNA with Click-iT® RNAImaging and HCS aAssays

Isolate T cells directly from whole blood—Save time with Dynabeads® FlowComp™ isolation technology

Chemiluminescent immunodetection and reporter gene assays—High-quality, high-purity substrates for ultrasensitive detection

Live-cell imaging of cell cycle and cell division—Introducing the Premo™ FUCCI Cell Cycle Sensor

Advances in neural stem cell culture—Superior NSC expansion with StemPro® NSC serum-free medium

Optimal growth of neurons and neural stem cells—Gibco® Neurobasal® media and supplements

Ready-to-use, high-quality neural cells—Gibco® rat neural primary and stem cells

Practical Applications

Tools for the study of Alzheimer's disease—Amyloid beta antibodies, peptides, ELISAs, and Luminex® kits

A growing list of tools for the violet laser—A guide to violet-excited reagents for flow cytometry

A fluorogenic, target-specific reagent for small animal in vivo imaging—Alexa Fluor® 680 dye–labeedl probe dramatically improves tumor detection, staging, and monitoring

Interrogating potential drug targets for Parkinson's disease—Biochemical and cell-based assays for dopamine D2 and LRRK2

Mitochondrial fission and fusion in neurodegeneration

Visualizing tumor metastasis

Innovative solutions for ion channel research

Resources for cytokine research—Antibodies, recombinant proteins, ELISAs and Luminex® kits


Journal Highlight—A flow cytometry–based method for isolating neural stem cells

On the Web—Find your cellular technology at the Cell Resource Center

Just Released—Highlighting our newest cellular analysis products and technologies

Endnote—Recently published: A look at how your fellow researchers are using our products


Neural Stem Cell Poster—Differentiate your neural stem cell research