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Clinical Mass Spectrometry Solutions by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Clinical Mass Spectrometry Solutions 
Tried and Tested

With advances in automation and usability, the Thermo Scientific Cascadion SM Clinical Analyzer enables the accuracy of mass spectrometry to be brought 24/7 into clinical laboratory workflows.

Why mass spectrometry?

Mass spectrometry brings accuracy and specificity to help the quantification of substances at a molecular level. 

To understand more about this area we share two articles. Alongside our whitepaper "Automating LC-MS - The road to improved diagnostic testing", continue learning from Victoria Zhang in her recent interview with SelectScience®. This talks about ‘less intimidating’ mass spectrometry and how it may play a role in the clinical diagnostic setting. 

Imagine mass spectrometry in your clinical laboratory.

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Progressing clinical chemistry to advance patient care

The Cascadion system is mass spectrometry simplified with full automation from primary tube sample loading to result auto verification. Bring value to your laboratory and benefit to your patients in a complete and easy-to-use system. Cascadion Assays are focused on supporting routine and priority clinical chemistry testing in the areas of therapeutic drug monitoring and endocrinology.

Complete assay kits with 30 day onboard stability
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Simplifying accuracy every day with clinical mass spectrometry
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