Data Connectivity

Laboratory Information Management


The Thermo Scientific™ Cascadion™ SM Clinical Analyzer can interface bi-directionally to LIS (Laboratory Information Systems) or middleware to enable the transmission of patient results. Take your lab productivity to the next level – Sharing data from analyzer to patient record.

Flexible, intuitive interface connecting your LIS platforms to the Cascadion SM Clinical Analyzer makes it easy to run Laboratory operations. Our IT support team are available to discuss and help define a route to successfully interface to local systems in tandem with the system supplier and local IT teams.

The software of the Cascadion SM Clinical Analyzer is a closed system, which is divided into two sub-systems consisting of the Sample Preparation (=SP) and the LC-MS/MS control system. To allow decoupling the two sub-systems for the Cascadion SM Clinical Analyzer, defined connections are used between the sub-systems. The SP and LC-MS/MS control software runs in separate tiers (physical computers). This decoupling enables the secure remote monitoring of the analyzer performance and pro-active support.

Optimize Lab Efficiency

Platforms connect readily through middleware or direct to LIS

Manual or algorithm based review available 

User defined flagging available

Speed up data management and transfer accurately and safely.

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