Operator Training

Our Commitment to You

Our certified Cascadion user training course is catered to meet the needs of your unique laboratory. Key operators quickly gain the skills to confidently run, maintain, and troubleshoot the Cascadion Analyzer.

Operator Training Overview

As part of your training, the Cascadion team will train up to four designated members of your staff for routine operations and one for the key operations for the Cascadion system.

We recognize the criticality of service continuity and support for users within a clinical environment. We offer training and onboarding courses with a core that is standardized but still able to be flexible to meet the individual needs of today's clinical laboratory.

Operator Training Benefits


Trainings can take place live or virtual, Multi-language, in person at Thermo Fisher Scientific facility or your site.


Resolve technical problems swiftly with confidence and speed after the training.

Certification & Validation

All trainees will be registered on the Cascadion eLearning portal and trained by subject-matter experts for proven transfer of knowledge.


Allow skilled lab team to focus on tasks that truly require operator inter- vention by taking advantage of the Operator Training courses.

Please contact your representative to learn more about the availability of service, support and training in your region.
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