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Discover a range of analyzers that maximize your laboratory potential - accurately and efficiently. We provide flexible options based on your sensitivity and productivity needs.

Expand your capabilities with a simple, single and comprehensive solution. We enable sample driven cost management with the support needed for continuity in your patient results.

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Our Clinical Mass Spectrometry Vision

Today’s clinical laboratories need access to more analytical capability to support effective decision-making and patient care. Integrating the accuracy of mass spectrometry with the usability of routine analyzers is our goal.

We are committed to making the improved sensitivity and specificity of mass spectrometry available for today’s clinical labs, through flexible and fully automated LC-MS/MS platforms that address your everyday needs, in simple, easy-to-use formats.

Capable, accurate and accessible

Capability to expand

Class-leading technology capable of expanding testing capabilities and capacity of your clinical laboratory is one way to help future-proof your service.

Having mass spectrometry solutions that are robust in operation yet flexible to adapt to changing clinical requests is vital. 

Accuracy enabling insight

The accuracy of results enabled by mass spectrometry based instruments and analysers allow laboratories to support clinicians optimally.

Quality of result is critical to facilitate the most effective picture of patient status.

Accessing data simply

Achieving "right first time" results is the first step. Moving them to where they are of use is the second.

All Thermo Scientific clinical platforms can be connected to Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) to enable rapid movement of results to where they are needed.

Meeting the needs of today's clinical laboratory

Whether your lab seeks an extensive menu capability or rapid transmission of data from
analyzer to patient record, you have certain core needs that are non-negotiable:

  • Quality of results with assurance of regulatory compliance
  • Fast Analytical turnaround time without compromising sensitivity or specificity
  • Continuity of analysis and optimal uptime
  • Connectivity of software and systems
  • Leading edge technology to expand laboratory capabilities


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Fully Automated Clinical Analyzer with
LC-MS/MS for In Vitro Diagnostic Use

Designed for simplicity and accuracy

Thermo Scientific™ Cascadion™ SM Clinical Analyzer



Simple implementation

The Cascadion SM Clinical Analyzer is an easy to use clinical laboratory system comprising sample preparation, liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry into a single platform.

In combination with CE IVD assays it provides advances in automation and usability, enabling the accuracy of mass spectrometry to be simply brought into 24/7 clinical laboratory workflows.

Easy to install, implement and validate our support team can have you up and running quickly with our pre-defined assay parameters and materials. Connectivity to your LIS is only a click away.


LC-MS/MS Medical Devices for In Vitro Diagnostic Use

Designed for versaitility and accuracy

Vanquish™ MD - TSQ Quantis™ MD - TSQ Altis™ MD



Flexibility alongside simplicity

The Quantis MD and Altis MD systems offer comprehensive and reliable mass spectrometry solutions enabling in vitro diagnostic analysis.

Powered by a complete suite of software conforming to IVD requirements,with an optional laboratory information system (LIS) connection, it provides consistent, reliable results you can be confident with.

Couple either with our Vanquish MD liquid chromatography platform for the optimal LC-MS solution.

You can choose the degree of flexibility in applications and materials in use. We provide the expertise to support you.


Thermo Fisher Scientific products are distributed globally so uses, applications, and availability of product in each country depend on local regulatory marketing authorization status.