Cascadion SM Clinical Analyzer: IVD Mass Spectrometry

 Cascadion clinical mass spectrometry analyzer machine

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A fully automated clinical analyzer with mass spectrometry for in vitro diagnostics

The Cascadion SM Clinical Analyzer is a mass spectrometry-based IVD analyzer with assays for use in clinical labs. Incorporating sample preparation, liquid chromatography, and mass spectrometry into one clinical analyzer, the Cascadion SM Clinical Analyzer has the look and usability of an immunoassay or chemistry analyzer typically seen in high volume clinical labs.


An IVD mass spec analyzer designed for clinical lab workflows

Practical integration

  • Operable 24/7 by any qualified clinical laboratory staff
  • Full automation from sample loading to result delivery
  • Random access processing and priority sample capability
  • Connection to laboratory information systems (LIS)

Simple implementation

  • A regulatory compliant system of assay kits, consumables, and analyzer
  • IVD mass spec assay kits with traceability of result to reagent lot
  • Ready-to-use reagents and consumables
  • Dedicated clinical service and support

An IVD mass spec analyzer built for clinical laboratory professionals

Confidently operate the Cascadion SM Clinical Analyzer. The training requirements are simple, and operation does not require any mass spectrometry knowledge. Operation is simplified with features such as continuous loading of samples, reagents, and consumables with no interruption to result delivery.

Reduce hands on time

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Complete assay kits with 30 day onboard stability
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