Learn more about our innovative tools and applications, like advancements in endpoint and real-time PCR, digital PCR, next-generation sequencing, synthetic biology, and much more. Highly experienced product development and application scientists deliver an excellent educational experience to both experts and novices through Web-based training. The webinars and videos listed below are designed to introduce you to our current products and emerging technologies and the applications they enable.

Digital PCR Webinars

Air Date Type Title Level  
12/5/13 Pre-
Expanding the PCR toolbox with Digital PCR – A review of absolute quantification and mutation detection applications on the QuantStudio™ 3D Digital PCR System Intermediate Listen now
8/9/13 Pre-
Copy Number Variation with Chip-based Digital PCR  Intermediate Listen now
 Introduction to Digital PCR  Beginner Listen now

PCR/Real-Time PCR Webinars

Next Gen Sequencing Webinars

Synthetic Biology & Cloning Webinars

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