Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary

2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the Gibco brand of cell culture products. With a rich heritage of dependability, consistency, and  superior quality, Gibco media, sera, cells, reagents, and supplements represent the industry standard in cell culture. Our goal is to provide scientists the means and the confidence to elevate research and healthcare now and in the future. We sincerely appreciate your loyalty, and are extremely proud to support your achievements thus far and the many yet to come.

Come back to this page all year to celebrate with us.



Eric S. Langer
Managing Partner
BioPlan Associates, Inc.


Cell Culture Industry is its Own Hero:  50 Years of Innovation Supporting Patients and Healthcare

Congratulations to Gibco for 50 years of technology, R&D, and support to the biotechnology industry. A half-century of vision and willingness to invest in innovation and product R&D by Gibco and other companies has enabled the biopharmaceutical industry to achieve spectacular clinical, and therapeutic advances.  The biotech industry remains vibrant and has achieved its current level of dominance in global healthcare as a result of the lab-, and product-level innovation that allows these clinical achievements. 

My early scientific background was as a chemist, researching reverse osmosis membrane filtration technologies. I realized that the growth and potential for discovery in biotechnology was very substantial. The biotech industry back then, as now, was filled with uncharted territory. That was exciting and motivating.

I believe the industry has only begun to establish the foundations and scientific platforms on which real discoveries will develop. From stem cell platforms, to upstream innovations like perfusion bioreactors, and downstream disposable purification technologies, the next generation of cell culture innovations will increase global biopharmaceutical drug and diagnostic availability, simplify and improve manufacturing, and decrease costs to consumers.  I expect the Gibco brand will continue to be on the front lines.