AlleleTyper™ Software is a fast and easy tool that is used to determine the haplotypes of your samples. Once a translation table is set up for a study of interest, such as CYP2D6, AlleleTyper™ Software will analyze your TaqMan Genotyper and CopyCaller data in just a few quick steps. AlleleTyper™ Software interprets your real-time PCR analysis data and determines the star-allele results for your study based on your specifications.

AlleleTyper™ Software features:

  • User-friendly, four-step analysis
  • Easy accessibility via web log-in 
  • Simultaneous interpretation of copy number and SNP information
  • Customizable reports

Open AlleleTyper™ Software

AlleleTyper™ translator templates
Monoallelic tables and biallelic translator templates are provided for a few commonly researched genes including CYP2D6, CYP2C9, CYP2C19.  These are provided as a starting point,and will likely need to be edited for specific studies.  Refer to the AlleleTyper™ user guide for instructions on editing and using these types of files.

Download the translator templates >

Example Data Files
AlleleTyper™ interprets data that has been exported from the TaqMan Genotyper™ and CopyCaller Software.   Examples of this data can be downloaded below.  These data files can be used with the provided translator templates (see above section) to generate example results in AlleleTyper™ and helps to demonstrate the workflow.  Refer to the AlleleTyper™ User Guide for assistance.

Download the example data files >

Note: AlleleTyper™ Software requires an internet connection and is only accessible through a compatible web browser. Google Chrome is recommended for optimal performance


AlleleTyper™ User Guide

AlleleTyper™ Quick Start Guide