云连接工具是一种可简化Thermo Fisher Cloud文件上传的工具,PC/Windows™操作系统用户均可使用。在设置工具时,您可在电脑中指定一个文件夹与云同步。设置完成后,只需将文件放在该文件夹中,即可自动上传并同步至云。

Our connect utility brings innovation to your lab at zero cost: securely upload your data files from instruments that aren’t currently cloud-enabled. Simply download the utility to your control PC for the following devices: Applied Biosystems StepOne, StepOne Plus, ViiA 7, and 7900 PCR systems, and Sanger sequencing Applied Biosystems 3100/3730 Genetic Analyzers.

Why connect your devices? Thermo Fisher Connect allows you to store and backup files with world-class security, analyze your saved data using our web-based apps, and easily share your datasets with your colleagues. 

To get started, simply download and install CCU to your Mac or Windows PC. From there, follow the onscreen setup guide to set up the tool and select your folders to be synced with Thermo Fisher Connect.

*Compatible with Windows 7 and Macs OS X Yosemite onwards.

Download the Cloud Connect Utility:

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Cloud Connect Utility 设置

在您的本地电脑中下载和安装Cloud Connect Utility后,安装向导将会消失(如左图所示)。使用您的Thermo Fisher Cloud用户名和密码登陆。如果您还没有Thermo Fisher Cloud账户,可点击向导中的“点击此处注册”链接。


  • 为使用该工具上传文件,在Thermo Fisher Cloud中选择一个指定文件夹。
  • 在您的本地电脑中选择一个原始文件夹,其中的文件将被上传和同步到云。
  • 浏览为您提供的汇总信息,完成设置。