• Dye set: G5
  • Reaction volume: 25µL
  • Primer sequences maintained
  • Amplicon size: <360 bp
  • Species specificity
  • Precision
  • Profile quality
  • Allelic ladder balance


  • Master mix formulation
  • Enzyme in PCR buffer
  • Primer mix formulation
  • Higher concentration 9947A Control DNA
  • PCR cycling conditions
  • PCR cycle number
  • 1000 reactions/kit

The Identifiler Direct kit maintains the key structure of the Identifiler kit—ensuring that data can be compared directly to any other data produced by the Identifiler, Profiler Plus, COfiler and MiniFiler™ kits—along with specific modifications to support direct amplification.

Other modifications include a higher concentration of 9947A control DNA, which enables laboratories to obtain profiles if amplifying using less than 28 cycles. A larger kit size has also been developed for this chemistry to better suit higher throughput environments.